Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far so good

Just a quick check-in. The past two days have went well food wise. I have kept my calories under control and have brought fruits and veggies back into play. I have drank a minimum 84 ounces of water (after I finish off my 20 bottle on the way to work and 2 qts at work I stop keeping track). I found my hardest time is right when I get home from work. While I am here at work I only have so much food to eat but by the time I get home I am really ready for some dinner and I have an entire kitchen of food in front of me. Last night when I got home I finished off some rice in the fridge and Monday evening I had some croutons with ranch dressing and some pepperoni while making our pizzas. I did write it down in my book and counted the calories so it wasn't so bad, I just don't like the feeling. I would like to only eat food when I am sitting down for a meal. It is way to easy to blow 500 calories just snacking on stuff here and there.

I will have two tests this week. The first will be tonight and tomorrow night - I work at the Ear. It is sooooooo easy to grab some fries and pop them in my mouth but.I.must.resist. I plan on having a pulled pork sandwich with some coleslaw for dinner. Not extremely healthy, but one of the best options at a place that serves only fair food. Tomorrow I will have a turkey sausage with peppers and onions and some slaw. My second test will come on Saturday. I will be attending my grandma's 75th birthday party (a pot luck - and my family doesn't eat healthy!) and then on to my sis-in-law's graduation party! I do have a plan! For the pot-luck I am going to find a casserole that is very low cal and can be a main dish. I will eat this and maybe a bite or two of a couple other things if anything looks even remotely low cal (green beans, etc.). I will take my jug of water with me so I can stay away from the pop. At the graduation party I will allow myself to snack on veggies - but no pizza, appetizers or cake. Also, drinking only water and if my calories allow, possibly a Mich Ultra or MGD 64. If my calories are very low, I may allow myself a glass of wine. So that's my plan and I'm stickin' to it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What happened?

I know, it has been forever. I don't know what happened to me. I was doing so well the beginning and middle of last year, then, stopped. I worked and worked before our vacation and then just half-assed it from then on. I would do good for a week then stray. I have to get back into this. I decided to start blogging again. That was when I had most of my success. It isn't really the blogging that helped me of course, but it doesn't hurt either. I am starting up my spreadsheets again that haven't been updated since October. I am tracking my weight on here again, and if you notice, that number has gone up considerably. I have gained more than 15 pounds since vacation. That is just ridiculous. I am slowly creeping up on the 200 pound mark and I have vowed never to hit that again. 15 pounds is a lot to gain in just three and a half months. So, back on it, as of this morning. I have my notebook next to me and I am going to write down everything that goes in my mouth - no exceptions. I feel like crap, I am tired, and my clothes are tight. Everything will change (again) right now.