Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far so good

Just a quick check-in. The past two days have went well food wise. I have kept my calories under control and have brought fruits and veggies back into play. I have drank a minimum 84 ounces of water (after I finish off my 20 bottle on the way to work and 2 qts at work I stop keeping track). I found my hardest time is right when I get home from work. While I am here at work I only have so much food to eat but by the time I get home I am really ready for some dinner and I have an entire kitchen of food in front of me. Last night when I got home I finished off some rice in the fridge and Monday evening I had some croutons with ranch dressing and some pepperoni while making our pizzas. I did write it down in my book and counted the calories so it wasn't so bad, I just don't like the feeling. I would like to only eat food when I am sitting down for a meal. It is way to easy to blow 500 calories just snacking on stuff here and there.

I will have two tests this week. The first will be tonight and tomorrow night - I work at the Ear. It is sooooooo easy to grab some fries and pop them in my mouth but.I.must.resist. I plan on having a pulled pork sandwich with some coleslaw for dinner. Not extremely healthy, but one of the best options at a place that serves only fair food. Tomorrow I will have a turkey sausage with peppers and onions and some slaw. My second test will come on Saturday. I will be attending my grandma's 75th birthday party (a pot luck - and my family doesn't eat healthy!) and then on to my sis-in-law's graduation party! I do have a plan! For the pot-luck I am going to find a casserole that is very low cal and can be a main dish. I will eat this and maybe a bite or two of a couple other things if anything looks even remotely low cal (green beans, etc.). I will take my jug of water with me so I can stay away from the pop. At the graduation party I will allow myself to snack on veggies - but no pizza, appetizers or cake. Also, drinking only water and if my calories allow, possibly a Mich Ultra or MGD 64. If my calories are very low, I may allow myself a glass of wine. So that's my plan and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan set, baby and I know you can stick to it too! Im definitely counting on you to slap my hand away, either metaphorically or physically, from the "bad" stuff. And if you need me to "help" you too, I'll be there!

  2. I go through the same thing when I go places where people are eating everything I want to gorge myself on. I am going to need to follow you and make a solid plan when I go out. I usually end up going into situations like that thinking I will eat before I go, eat a few bites of whatever when I get there. I end up either eating a lot of "whatever" or taking a bite of something and then not eating the rest of the time I'm there making me miserable and incredibly hungry.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great to have a plan. Way to go, Jenn!