Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fresh Start

It has been quite some time since I last blogged. Vacation went VERY well, we all had a great time. On the weight loss side of things - it is not going so well. I have been slipping and getting into bad habits again. I have not been blogging and not been honest with myself and this HAS. TO. STOP. I am picking it up again today, making good decisions and goals for myself. I'm not mad at myself for the past few months, but I am not getting where I would like to be by doing what I am doing either. This morning I opened up some of my older spreadsheets where I logged in my weight. I was at 208 at the beginning of the year - this morning I was 183 - I have only lost 25 pounds in 9 months. That is pretty good, but I thought I would be farther by now. I noticed that in June I was at 185 - so in 3 months I have only netted a 2 pound loss - that is pathetic. I also did not reach either of my goals set for vacation. Not the end of the world, and I am not upset and giving up; I am just going to start new and get back into it. Today is the day.

I have a couple goals for myself. My first goal is exercise. This is probably the worst area for me lately. I can't remember the last time I worked out. I think I did a 5k session once since vacation, maybe. I am getting back into the 5k training, starting with week 2 tonight. I will do 3 sessions per week and will end the training on 11/22, just in time for the turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. I am going to run this 5k. And, since I have now put it in black and white on the Internet, I absolutely must do it.

My second goal is regarding weight. My ultimate goal weight is about 150 - a very healthy weight for me. I would really like to reach this number by my next vacation. J and I will be going on vacation with our best friends, the extremely fit Molody's, in June of next year. The exact week hasn't been decided yet, so I am using June 17 as my goal date. That is about 32 pounds to lose in 37 weeks. This number is very obtainable, even with the holidays. There is no reason I can't reach this goal and I am determined to do it. I am going to do a weekly post with my weight updated each Thursday, beginning with this Thursday.

Well that is all for today, hopefully I will get more into blogging again as I get back into the groove of all of this.

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  1. We will get back in the groove of things baby, I know we will and I will be right behind you (cause I like looking at your butt) cheering you on.

    No doubt in my mind you will hit that goal. As anyone who knows you knows, once something is in your head, it doesnt stop til you reach it and this is no different!