Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the right track

So far so good on the 5k training. I did week 3, session 1 last night even though it was raining outside and I really wanted to run at the park with my hubby and dog AND I had a slight headache that got worse as I ran. I still did it. Oh boy can I tell it has been a while since I have last worked out. The plan for yesterday was 5 minute warm up followed by two sets of - run 90 second, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes - then a 5 minute cool down. I started with week 3 because it sounds pretty easy and like a good starter point for me. The 90 second runs weren't bad, but honestly, I couldn't do the 3 minutes. I stopped for about 10 seconds in the middle of each one. That is completely pathetic. But, I guess I did it and I should be happy about that. I plan to run tomorrow morning and then again on Saturday. Tomorrow morning is really gonna suck because I hate getting up and working out right away. I have no energy and it is twice as hard. Hopefully it will quit raining and be nice on Saturday so J and I can run together.

I ate pretty well yesterday - nothing bad but it seemed like I ate a lot. I have been so hungry lately and it never seems like I am full or even satisfied. After every meal I just want to keep eating. I don't know what is going on. Yesterday I had: a granola bar, some grapes, a little bit of left over pot roast, a toasted sandwich thin bun with some smart balance butter, a yogurt, a banana, a turkey burger, romaine salad, three stalks of asparagus, some green beans, a fit and active ice cream sandwich and some frozen grapes (yummy!). I am not sure of exact calories for yesterday but I would estimate around 1300, not really too bad for all that food that I had. When I look at it, I think I made good choices. I had some fat free dairy, whole grains for fiber, fruits and veggies, protein and carbs.

On another note, Happy Texan is giving away a care package from Pom. Apparently Pom has come out with some iced coffees that, according to Kelly, are wonderful. I REALLY want to win these, and the sauce she is giving away, so please, do not click here.

Good bye for today!

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